Nov 14- 17 Keynote: APPPAH Conference: Birth Psychology Keynote Speaker, 2013 Award Recipient, and Post Conference Workshop (Bruce and Gary) — Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA

Dancing Woman - Birth Psychology Congress

The 2013 annual international Birth Psychology Congress is pleased to return to the natural beauty of Asilomar State Park in Pacific Grove, California, on the Monterey Peninsula.

Within the supportive surround of salt air, ocean breezes, majestic pines, ambient sounds of the waves, and the historic rustic beauty of Asilomar’s architecture, this Congress has a mission to highlight the sensory experiences of pre and perinatal psychology and health focusing on how the healing and creative arts play a primary role in this field. All of the senses will be highlighted in our endeavor to bring to the fore the necessity of using somatic and creative healing arts in both preventative and restorative aspects of conception, gestation, birth, and the perinatal period for babies and their families. This Congress will be a true marriage of the arts within the sciences. We encourage presenters and attendees in the fields of creative and expressive arts to attend along with psychologists, social workers, NICU staff, ob/gyn professionals, childbirth educators, doulas, pediatricians, early childhood educators, health advocates, and professionals in somatic healing practices.

Please join us!

Ellynne and Peg

Congress Chairs

Ellynne Skove, is a licensed creative arts therapist and Polarity therapy practitoner with a focus on pre and perinatal health. Ellynne is the founder and director of GoGo Babies and True North Wellness, in Brooklyn, N.Y.. She has worked with hundreds of babies and their families providing support through the arts as well as doing birth trauma healing work. Ellynne co-chaired the 2012 APPPAH CONGRESS as well as assisting with the Washington D.C. APPPAH Regional conference. She has been a guest member of ngo, OMEAP, at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, presented at the 2012 Motherhood & Spirituality Conference at the New York Museum of Motherhood, and has presented at numerous other conferences. She teaches professional trainings in the U.S. and abroad. Ellynne is the mother of two.

Peg Bledsoe is an Occupational Therapist has been involved in working with birth trauma since 1988. She has been involved in birth training with William Emerson and Ray Castellino is training in pre and perinatal psychology. She also has had Craniosacral Training by Upledger Institute and John Barnes(Myofascial Release Training). Another training that supports the release of trauma in the body is NIS (Neurolink Integration System by Dr. Allen Phillips, DO). This has led her down a fascinating path of training and practice to incorporate development and treatment principals and psychological human development. A hands-on approach to treatment.

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